#287 – June 23

I did practically nothing today. It was glorious.

But that’s not totally true.

I really wanted to play golf today, but couldn’t. I couldn’t find a single person to play with me. That’s pathetic. And I didn’t really want to play by myself (it’s not nearly as much fun).

Instead, I just slept in and did very little. Watched some TV, and then took a friend over to Tyson’s so she could pick up her car.

And then, because its Tuesday, I went to the pub. No, I’m not an alcoholic. In fact, I only had one beer. But Tuesday is pub quiz night. And it’s really fun.

I play on a team with two of the regulars, and it’s good times. We’ve never won, never really even come that close, but whatever.

Tomorrow I’m working a ridiculous schedule. I’m opening, then I’ve got an hour break, and then I’m working at night too. There’s a chance, if we’re busy, that I’ll close tomorrow. Wow. I agreed to work the day shift for someone long before I had any idea I’d be working that night too.

Oh well. Back in the game.

#286 – June 22

Ahh….Monday. My favorite day of the week.

I passed out Sunday night, which allowed me to wake up (relatively) early on Monday and watch the conclusion of the US Open.

It wasn’t really that interesting. Nobody played particularly well (apart from Duval, I suppose), and the end was terribly boring.

The quote that sums it up: The winner, Lucas Glover, said at the end “I hope I don’t downgrade [the trophy] by having my name on it or something.”

Yeah. You didn’t deserve it. Obviously. Show some confidence.

After that, I went and hit some balls at the driving range with Kirsten. That was good. I’ve definitely got the golf bug again. I’m absolutely itching to get out and play 18 sometime soon. But nobody will play with me, and playing alone isn’t much fun. I need cooler friends, and I miss Tim.

After that I hung at the house for a bit and then went to Anita’s. She’s “sick” and wanted me to bring her food and medicine. That was cool, I haven’t seen her in awhile.

I forgot to mention in my catch-up posts something cool.

I made a giant pot of homemade chili on Saturday night. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile, and I’m glad I did. It was a new recipe I tried, and I’ll admit I wasn’t too sure how it was going to turn out halfway through doing it.

I brought in a small container of it to work on Sunday, planning on eating it for lunch, and also because I really wanted the chef to try it.

He. Freaking. Loved it. 🙂

He was raving about how much he liked it. Awesome for my ego. I like it too. Turned out splendidly.

So that was pretty dang cool.

#285 – June 21

So let’s talk about Sunday.

First of all, for the first time in the last two months, Sunday wasn’t the most gorgeous day of the week. It’s generally absolutely wonderful outside, and it pains me that I’m at work. But, alas, it wasn’t all that great outside today.

It still hasn’t rained, but it made us busier, since people weren’t barbeque-ing or whatever for Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day, btw.

I wrapped up eleven straight days of work. 11 days in a row was pretty dang rough. Sure, some of the days were pretty weak. 2.5 hours on Monday, and actually just an hour on Saturday because we were so slow. But there were also 3 9-hour days mixed in there, and the average was about 5 hours.

My Dad reminded me that he’s worked 6 days a week for his entire life, and that I should stop whining. First of all, I’m not whining. I had fun, and made great money in that stretch. But it was rough. Working an office job or something like what my Dad does is different. Very few jobs take more energy from you than working in the service industry. I can promise that.

Plus, Thursday used to be “boat day”. So he was lying anyways. 😛

After all that busy-ness, and facing two consecutive days off (before a double on Wednesday starts another 5 days in a row…LOL), I promptly got home and passed the eff out.

I was home about 7:15pm, took a shower, and I’m pretty much positive I was asleep before 8:30. Baller status?

#284 – June 20

Here’s the deal, folks.

Writing the blog hasn’t been much fun since the photos stopped happening.

Of course, I could still be doing the photos, I’ve done it before without the good editing software. Hell, I even did it for a bit without a camera!

But the fact is I’m lazy. Very, very, lazy.

And I’ve been working my tail off.

So I took a little break. Deal with it.

I’m catching up now, and that’s all that matters.

#283 – June 19

It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even know what day it is anymore.

I’ve gotta rely on what’s happening at the pub to figure out what day it is.

Like, tonight. I couldn’t remember if it was Friday or Saturday. Until I saw the cover band playing downstairs.

Obviously Friday.

Pretty good day today. I slept like a champion, all freaking day. I mean, if there were an Olympic competition for sleeping, I definitely would’ve made the qualifying mark for the trials yesterday. I’m not saying I’d be a gold medalist, but I’d be in the running.

Chinese food for dinner with Eric and Kailee.

Decent night at work. Early night, too. Left work before 3am.

I’m just gonna watch the US Open ALL DAY on Saturday. That’s what’s up.

Day 10 in a row Saturday night.

#282 – June 18

Going to court is FUN.

I had a killer time this morning. It was highly entertaining. Sure, a lot of the time,I had no idea what was going on, but whatevs.

I told Don before the Judge came in that I hoped his name would get called last, so I could watch all the crazies.

That wish didn’t really come true, but it was fun anyways. And Don’s charges were dropped, so it’s all good.

While I was hanging out waiting to leave with Don, I spotted two of my bosses playing golf behind my house. That was pretty funny.Especially when one of them lost their ball in the bushes behind my house. Then it got REALLY funny. 🙂

After court I dropped Don off at the airport, and then came home. Basically spent all freaking day just laying around, napping. It was weird. Not really what I wanted to do, but of course the weather was awful, and so there was nothing to do.

We hired a new bartender at the Been. Tonight was her first night closing. I’m kind of pissed that Manny hired a chick, because it means I’m still “the new guy”. But it does take some of the attention off of me, finally. She did well, and it looks like its going to work with her.

My fantasy team is absolutely awful. Pathetic.

#281 – June 17

Today was a ridiculous freaking day. I woke up to a text message from Don, who is supposed to be on a drum corps tour, asking me if he could stay at my house.


Apparently, he had to go to court, and left tour for two days to take care of it.

He’s a toolbag for doing that.

But he’s sleeping on my couch.

Work was pretty fun, had some good pranks and hi-jinx going on, and the day went by really quickly. Don came in for a few hours, waiting on me to get out.

The regulars came in just as I was finishing, so Don and I stayed and had a pint with them. Then we went home so I could shower and change, and then met Kenny, Lauren, and Vinny back downtown.

I was the responsible friend, and operated as DD for everybody. Smart decisions rock.

I didn’t mind it so much, since I was ridiculously tired anyways. But I had to go hang with Donald since he was in town.

Early morning on Thursday, because I’m stuck ferrying Don around to court and then the airport.

My Dad was right about BBC America. They CAN say the S-word, which blows my mind. Why can they get away with it on cable, and nobody else does it? That may be part of why I like it so much….it’s more real-life than our candy-ass TV.